Just sat up all by himself!!!
He was sitting in his bumbo chair but STILL!
He held his head up like he's been doing it for years!
I looked at him in shock and excitement and he gave me a confused look like "What's the big deal mom?"!
And to top it off, as I was saying YAY MILO he starts laughing!
He had the pre-laughing down but this wasn't pre-laughing anymore. If I could type what it sounded like in a way that made sense, I would. But you'll just have to use your imagination! haha

Bumbo chair = L.o.v.e <3
XOXO, One Proud Momma!

Day 28, 29 & 30!

Your favorite movie.

Something you could never get tired of doing.

A photograph of yourself today + 

three four good things that have happened in the past 30 days.
I'm too lazy to take a picture of me today so I'll do it another day.. maybe. haha
Here are three good things that have happened in the past 30 days:
1. We were blessed with a little extra money to spend on Christmas presents that we definitely were not expecting. 
2. Mike and I have started hanging out with my sister-in-law a ton more and we have a freakin blast every single time we hang out! I love having a sister!
3. I bought a new pair of jeans! This may sound silly but.. its not. The inside of my old pair were worn so thin they were almost transparent. Thank you to my wonderful husband for buying me new pants!
4. Milo has started sleeping 6+ hours a night!! Halle-freaking-lujah! I love him for letting me sleep :)

It has been a fun little photo blogging adventure!
You stay classy San Diego!
And thanks for stopping by.
XOXO, Alecia


Day 26 & 27

A photo of somewhere you’ve been to.
Oregon coast.
B.E.A.utiful <3

A picture of you last year. 
and now.
how have you changed since then?
Last Christmas Season.
This Christmas Season.

The biggest change since last Christmas is obviously the addition of our little Milo!
On top of that, I have adopted a few baby pounds.. ugh!
The most important thing is my love for my husband has intensified immensely.


Christmas Gifts

I absolutely love the Christmas season for a few reasons:
-Christmas lights on houses, trees, buildings, businesses, EVERYWHERE! <3
-The magical feeling children carry with them knowing that Santa will bring them that special gift if they are being good.
-Making Christmas sweets with my mom & grandma.
-Shopping :]
-Decorating the house with decorations I made when I was a girl.
-Making Christmas crafts with my mom every Black Friday.
-Snow :]

Some things I forget to appreciate during this season are the most important things to be excited for.
Today my mom taught a lesson in relief society that really was awesome. She talked about Sacrament and how we give gifts to the Lord and in return, he gives us gifts. She talked about what we could possibly give the Savior for HIS birthday. Since Christmas should be about Him, and not us.
When I think about giving a gift to someone, the first things I start to brainstorm are what the person's interests are, how much I can afford to spend, etc.
Well, thinking about getting the Savior a birthday present, its a little tricky.
He doesn't care for iPods or laptops. Even if he did, there isn't an exact address to fedex it too!
I got thinking about why we give gifts to anyone. We do it because we are symbolizing our love for them.
I'm not buying people socks and pajamas for Christmas because they are a literal representation of my feelings for them, its a humble way to show them I love them. 
Love is not measured by the dollar sign on the gift receipt.
(Good news for those of us who don't have extra dollar signs..)
Having come to that realization, I have really changed my perspective on Christmas this year.
Not a year goes by that I don't wish I had just a few more dollars to buy my family and friends something just a little nicer for Christmas.
This Christmas, my focus is on what I can do for my Savior. It is HIS birthday after all.
PS. Whose idea was it for US to receive gifts on HIS birthday? Weird..
This Christmas, gift a gift to Him. All he wants for Christmas is for us to come unto Him with a pure heart. It won't cost you a penny, and it means more than anything purchased.

Today in Relief Society, my mom wanted someone to share some thoughts on the lesson. Of course I hadn't been to church since before the bed rest situation so I really had a lot to be thankful for. So I spoke up.

My situation has been a blessing in disguise. I think all trials are that way. Being on bed rest was so hard for me at first because I felt that I was missing everything. But after seeing the huge blessing in disguise, I used that precious time to become closer to my Savior.
I was convinced that once Milo was born, my trials would be over, or at least easier than they currently were. I was thrown a curve ball. Having Milo in the NICU for that long was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It was hard for me to really appreciate comfort and support from others because they didn't have a baby in the NICU. They couldn't really understand what I was going through. The Savior does. He lived the pain, the guilt, and the heartache. And not in a general sense, he lived it as me. He felt MY pain not the generic NICU pain. I wish I could have appreciated that more in the moment.
He gave me the ultimate Christmas gift. The gift of bearing children. The gift of a healthy, beautiful baby boy. The gift of starting a new family with the man I love.
You can't put a price tag on love.
I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and remember why we celebrate this beautiful holiday.
XOXO, Alecia


Day 24 & 25

A photo of something that means a lot to you.

What’s in your purse?
I don't really have a purse.
It has kind of transformed into a diaper bag.
So it has things like this in it:

XOXO, Alecia


Day 22 & 23

A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
This is kinda stupid. But I guess here is my letter to someone who hurts me on a regular basis..
Dear Milo,
When you pulled my hair the other day and wouldn't let go, I screamed out in pain because it really hurt. But, I understand that you are only 3 months old and have little control over your killer grip. So I completely forgive you.
haha. That's the best you're gonna get!

15 facts about you.
1. I love discovering new amazing musical artists.
2. I l.o.v.e. shoes, but mostly heels. Yes, even after having Milo.
3. I am the worst procrastinator.
4. I really don't like Valentine's Day. I want roses on a totally random day instead.
5. I love going to the movies.
6. I love admiring photography, and I secretly wish I had a glorious camera.
7. I am completely obsessed with Glee. <3
8. I can't shower, clean, get ready, blog, or do anything without music playing.
9. I am totally in love with my husband and always will be, even more-so forever.
10. I view life, love and the world differently because of my beautiful son, Milo.
11. I love animal print. :]
12. I could drink coke all day every day. Terrible I know.
13. I love dance. I used to dance all the time and I miss it so much.
14. Once Christmas is over, I'm ready for winter to be over. Snow is only ok on Christmas. After that, its time to go buh-bye!
15. Although I am secretly excited to go snowboarding with Mike someday. :)
XOXO, Alecia


Day 19, 20 & 21

Another picture of yourself.

The meaning behind your blog name.
It's nothing clever, unfortunately.
BUT, I guess it's kind of a documentary-in-the-making of the life of us Sages. :]

A photo of something that makes you happy.
Ok someTHING that makes me happy is:
Dance. Both doing it and watching those better than me (not hard to be btw.)
Whatev. This picture sums it up.
Of course this is someTHING that makes me happy, not someONE. :]

Something else that makes me happy:
My gospel & the power of temples.
Can't wait to go there with my sweetheart and little boy.
XOXO, Alecia


Day 17 & 18

A photo of you and your family.
Hopefully soon we'll have a REAL family picture!

Something you crave a lot.
Its true I love coke :]
I also crave soup in bread bowls.. constantly!

On a completely random side note..
I want these shoes so amazingly horribly bad!
Thanks to this movie:
Burlesque is ama-zuh-zing!
XOXO, Alecia <3


Day 16

Your celebrity crush.
Love his goofy cute self.

Mike's celebrity crush?
He loves her because she raps. Yep, youtube it!

Thanks Santa!

Special delivery for Milo!
He looks like a baby who from whoville!
Love you Milo Lou Who!


Day 15

Something you don’t leave the house without.
Our awesome ghetto phone :]


Day 14

A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
The most recent one:

But of course, I'll always be addicted to:
Glee <3
XOXO, Leesh


So much to say!

So little time until Milo wakes up!
Milo is currently under the Christmas tree while I am doing homework/blogging. 
Yes I said UNDER the tree, he love love LOVES looking at Christmas lights
He is getting sooooooo big!!
I weighed him this morning and he is 11 pounds!! Can you believe he weighed 4 pounds 14 ounces just 2 1/2 months ago?!
He is the cutest thing. ever.

He smiles ALL the time now! :] I'm just anxiously waiting the day he starts to laugh!
We bought Milo this adorable little hooded one-piece from Old Navy. LOVE <3
We went to the Live Nativity down in Provo and so we bought this so he could be outside with us and he looked sooooooo cute in it.
We are taking him to temple square to see the Christmas lights because we know he will absolutely love them!
I can't wait to get pictures of him in this cute outfit. :]

We went to Costco yesterday with Mike's mom and sister and bought a freaking HUGE box of size 2 diapers!! Yes he's almost in size 2 diapers.. I had a heart attack too don't worry!
While we were shopping, Milo had a huge blowout while Lindsey was holding him!! haha Sorry Linds!
It was so bad I had to throw away his cute dinosaur pajamas.. :( (it was the last time he would have worn it anyway, he's outgrowing everything!)
Every day is always an adventure with milo! :]

I want this outfit for Milo ->
because he makes me happy in so many ways:
His eyes get all big when he looks at lights. Even though sometimes he stares directly into lightbulbs.. Then I intervene. haha
He loves laying on his tummy and trying to roll over.
He loves watching tv.. especially when daddy is playing call of duty. (yay... haha)
He giggles in his sleep. and snores :]
He never fails to puke all over me when I try to get ready. Solution? Basketball shorts & hubby shirts 90% of the time! ;)

When I feed him he stares right into my eyes and brings tears to my eyes almost every time.
I am so blessed.
Milo, thank you for taking me on adventures every day.
You make me want to take all the evil out of the world and give you the best life any little boy has ever known.
You may not be spoiled with possessions, but you will always be spoiled with love. 
I love you little chunk :]
XOXO, Momma

Day 11, 12 & 13

What’s in your makeup bag?
Uhhh.. makeup?
Instead of taking a picture of everything, 
I'll show a picture of my fave thing in my makeup bag.

A photograph of the town you live in.
Pleasant Grove, Utah <3

Your favorite musician and why?
Oh my goodness. Why do people ask this question?
I never have had one favorite musician.
So a musician I am craving right this second is...
Christina Perri <3
XOXO, Allie Cat


Day 8, 9 & 10

Day 8: A song to match your mood.

I'm super motivated with a side of hyper and 
I feel like dancing with Milo to this around the house. 

Day 9: A photo of the item you last purchased.
Milo graduated from a 6 ounce bottle to a 9 ouncer! Woo!

Day 10: A photo of our favorite place to eat.
How about top 3?
Olive Garden! But only their breadsticks and salad..

Red Robin! BBQ Chicken Wraps are UH-mazing!

Zupas is delissshhhhh <3

XOXO, Alecia