Milo is 4 months old!

Here is how big he is and how much he's grown!

1 month old:
2 months old:
3 months old:
4 months old:

He is getting so big!


Happy New You!

This new year is especially important to me because I have a clean slate as a mom. 
I can decide what I didn't like about myself as a mom from last year 
(the whole 3 months I was a mom..) and start anew!
I want to change/improve so many things about myself this year 
but here is my number one goal.
"I resolve not to set myself up to fail by setting ridiculous goals that aren't reachable by the average human."
Having said that I have some very realistic goals for myself this year. :)
- I want to be more proactive in Milo's daily life. Meaning: when he is happy laying on the floor, I won't check facebook and BS but get down to his level and help him roll over, grab toys, etc.
- I want to teach Milo about the gospel. I need to be better at showing Milo pictures of things that are important, such as pictures of the temple, of Christ, of the Prophet, of his family members, of Daddy!
- I want to be a more positive person. This goal is very broad so allow me to explain. I get caught up in how tough it is to run on limited sleep, not have hours to myself, or whatever the case may be. I think we all do that because it is human nature. I want to be one of those people that is bursting with positivity that people want to be near me and soak up the sunshine! I know people like that, hence the goal. :]
- I don't want to lose __ pounds or weigh __ much. I want to be healthy. I want to chase Milo around as he learns to crawl and walk and run away from me! I want to play football with him and not drop dead because I'm weak. I want to live a long healthy life so I can watch my grandchildren grow up! 
- I want to be a more loving, understanding, and supportive wife. I want to make our house a refuge for Mike after working so hard for me and Milo. I want to treat him and love him and surprise him every day forever. :)
- I want to expand my knowledge of church history. I have a testimony of the gospel and of my Savior, but I want to learn more about scripture stories and church history. I've always wished I knew more.
- I want to be sealed to my little family for time and all eternity. This is my most important goal of 2011. Thinking about seeing my beautiful son in the arms of my sweet husband makes me tear up.. That day will be the most wonderful day of my existence. My heart yearns for that day.
Happy New You everybody! That's what you have the chance to be, a new you! :)


Hello 2011!

Let me just start by saying Happy New Year!!
It has been a crazy holiday season! So much has happened!
For the Christmas season, we took Milo to temple square to see the lights and WOW! He LOVES Christmas lights! We already knew that because of how entranced he was with our Christmas tree but on a temple square scale it was mind blowing for the little guy!
Here's the end result of the night..
He was zonked!
Being a parent makes you see things in new eyes. All of a sudden you're a kid again and Christmas is magical and simple things make you smile. 
Here are some more pictures of Milo this Christmas season!

He smiles at everything now, which is just the greatest thing ever!
He is still pre-laughing, with some moments of real laughing, but not laugh-laughing yet. I can't wait!
He loves everyone and anyone he meets! He is friendly and loving to everyone, which makes me happy.
He gargles :)
He is starting to make "ma" and "da" sounds. Any day now he's gonna bust out a mama! :)
He sleeps ALLLLLLLLLL through the night. We're talking 9 hours MINIMUM! Can you say happy momma?? Oh ya.
We also took awesome family pictures for Christmas and here are my faves!

Tomorrow get ready for a big and exciting thing that is coming to my blog.. :)
Night XOXO,