Alecia's Bed Rest Diaries

Soooo I'm still here.. 
8 days later..
It is such a drag staring at the exact same scenery 24 hours a day. 
BUT here are 25 things I've learned here so far:

1: There is a weird yellow triangle looking pillow that scares me.. I don't want to know what its used for..
2) There is a newborn channel that shows cute babies 24/7!! Love it :)
3. If you pull the remote thingy out of the wall, alarms go off..
4; The floor is SUPER slippery when I have socks on! Yes I almost biffed it.
5] The shower is never the same temperature, it goes from cold to hot over and over again.. thanks a lot.
6.. There is a cool removable shower head and a jetted tub, even if I can't use it :(
7- There are two alien looking lights above my bed that look strangely like cameras.. but I found the switch and they're not, they are just intense lights for delivery... Yay..
8: The cafeteria food downstairs is BOMB! Soooo yummy :)
9) I want to poke a hole in the stupid leg warmer/shin guards I have to wear.
10. My butt falls asleep and stays asleep ALL day long
11; There are some nurses that I am SO adding on facebook because they rule :]
12] The hospital's internet is soooooo slooooowwww :P
13.. I am the only mommy here that wears basketball shorts and hubby shirts!
14- There's a mysterious corner of my room that has creepy surgical stuff and I try not to look over there.. (as I'm staring at it.. Creepy!)
15: The call nurse button on the side railings of my bed does NOT work.. I tried 6 times trust me.
16) The goopy ultrasound gel is not warmed like every other place.. rude.
17. There are TINY diapers in the cute baby corner and they're not even preemie!
18; The NICU is a very depressing place to be.. no matter how your baby is doing.. :(
19] Avagard is the awesome sanitizer lotion stuff all around the hospital and I LOVE the smell! Mmmmmm :)
20.. Some wheelchairs launch me forward when you let go of the handles.. haha my mom and I figured that one out! Sure hope that didn't throw me into labor!
21- I can have as much chocolate milk as I want.. badass! haha
22: Milo gets really hyper whenever we put monitors on my tummy :)
23) Sundays are awesome because there's movies on TV all day AND there's a sweet old couple that brings the sacrament around to those of us who can't go to church. :) Very Cool!
24. Mike and I have been making nightly wheelchair rides downstairs and its like our little date night.. :)
25; The little toys that Mike got from my aunt and cousins! He plays with his little lego trucks and cars all the time and it cracks me up!! He's excited to play with Milo ;)

I really am enjoying the time I have to read, ponder and get ready to go through the temple soon! When you sit on your butt all day, there's only so many excuses you can come up with to not read your scriptures every day.. ;)
I am trying to make the most of my situation and I have been SO blessed with amazing people that are making this so much easier for both me and Mike! 
I think this is probably harder for him than it is for me! Poor guy has to drive all over the state every day and sleep in a hospital every night.. 
I sure am one lucky woman for having the most amazing man to take care of me!!
I love you sweetheart <3
And I love all of you that have 
come to see me 
sent me little notes of encouragement on facebook
called me
passed along good wishes
and prayed for us!!
We definitely feel the overwhelming love and prayers. :]


Everything is in the Lord's Hands...

Oh how much easier that phrase is to type than to really believe all the time...
I think its pretty normal for us all to get a little overwhelmed, especially if pregnancy hormones love making you cry over something ridiculous.. like stubbing your toe. Yeah that happened.
Well my trial right now is a physical one. Little Milo is going to be premature.
There's nothing we can do to make him be our little Halloween baby.
He's coming anytime between now and 4 weeks from now.
My water apparently broke last week and has been gradually leaking ever since. When I figured it out, I called my doctor and he told me to go to the hospital to get checked out. I was thinking this would be some tests and maybe bed rest AT HOME.
Mike and I have officially moved in to the labor and delivery room at the Provo Hospital.
The amniotic fluid surrounding Milo is very low, which is really scary to me.. To avoid losing more amniotic fluid I have to be on bed rest and because there's a rupture in the amniotic sac, I have to be on bed rest here at the hospital so I don't get an infection.
So there are two options:
1. I get an infection and they will be forced to induce me, which could happen any time of the day.
2. If the antibiotics work and bounce the infection, I will stay here and let the baby cook until I'm 34 weeks, which is in 3 1/2 weeks. Because my water is already broken, they won't let me go beyond 34 weeks.
I'm reallty bummed out that I'm gonna miss both of my baby showers and my friend's baby shower and Mike's Ordination for the Melchezidek Priesthood.. :(
Its been a rough day.
Bless my sweet husband he's passed out on the couch while I'm up blogging and playing around on facebook.
On a brighter note, Milo will be here when we are all sealed as a family in the temple.. :]


Our Countdown!!

63 Days Until My Sweetheart & I are Sealed..
..For Time and All Eternity
In the Manti Temple <3

Mike gets his Melchizedek Priesthood in 5 DAYS!
He's a rockstar... I am so proud of him!
:]  :]  :]


One AMAZING thing after another!

So right now is the BEST time in our life together because...
1. We are now temple worthy! We got our recommend to go do baptisms!! :]
Neither one of us have been able to go to the temple since sophomore year in high school! Yay yay yay!
2. Mike gets his Melchizedek Priesthood in 11 DAYS!! 
Obviously this is a huge deal because it means that he can now baptize me in the temple, bless our baby boy, give me and anyone else blessings and stand in Priesthood circles!! I'm so proud of him!
3. We are going to be getting our endowments in about a month!!
We are currently going to a temple prep class and our teacher wants to meet with us privately to have a discussion about the temple and then the bishop will give us our recommend to get our endowments! :) I can't wait to go!
4. Our OFFICIAL Sealing date is October 19th, 2010! About 11 days before Milo's due date! :]
Let's hope he's not early! ;)
There is just so much happening in our life right now that is going the right direction. I have one thing right after another to look forward to! LOVE IT!