A whole lotta love!

Today I want to show my appreciation for my incredible companion in life. My husband.
Mike and I started "hanging out" last March and quickly fell for each other. Granted some of us were more open about it and some of us were a little more nervous about it.. I won't name names here.. ;)
May 27th was the day we stopped playing the guessing game and dedicated ourselves to each other as a couple. I remember that the first thing we wanted to do was make it official on facebook cuz we were so excited about it haha yeah we're still kids. :) And you know if you are our facebook friends right now, you would do the same thing so don't even laugh.
The first thing I noticed and loved about Mike was how much he had become my teddy bear. At first he was my shoulder to cry on when I was getting over myself and then he developed into my best friend and confidant. Our relationship went from acquaintance, to friendship, to deep unconditional love in about 2 months. Hey! When you hang out with the same person every spare minute you have, you tend to get to know them pretty fast! It was pretty natural that since our life together was so fast paced, the next step(s) happened rather quickly. 3 months later we were engaged. 2 months later we were married. Now we have been married for 6 months and I am 3 months pregnant! We are awesome at making things happen in no time. :) I couldn't be happier. Some people date for years before they are engaged and then are engaged for years after that! When you know you want to be with someone for the rest of your life, why take extra time to get there? Mike and I had both prayed about if we were doing the right thing and we both got overwhelmingly powerful answers that we were doing the right thing! I couldn't have asked for a better husband and a better life right now. 
We are both so excited and nervous to start a family and have a little one around the house. :) Of course I am absolutely thrilled! :) I keep having dreams that its a beautiful baby girl but that could just be wishful thinking. Mike tells everyone he wants a little boy but when we picked out our names for both, his heart melted at the thought of having a little daddy's girl. She is so gonna have him wrapped around her perfect little finger. :)
I am so blessed to be able to write about this and how happy we are together because, trust me, the first year is definitely the hardest and we definitely feel the heat sometimes! Thank goodness we remember the end goal and don't let contention rule our lives. It took a lot of practice!
Mike and I are very excited and anxious to meet our little one and are enjoying all of our quiet moments together before that happens. Here's to you babe. To another 6 months, 6 years, and beyond! I love you.