5 months Pregnant, 1 year together, & 7 1/2 months married!

So I am officially 5 months pregnant (aka 20 weeks) and already I'm feeling some MAJOR changes that actually make me think that I am pregnant after all!! Yes I was having doubts.. Anyone who has ever experienced first trimester of pregnancy will understand.
The first difference: My bloated belly is now FIRM! And its now pooching in an attractive shape not just muffin top.. :)
The second difference: And my favorite difference.. I can feel baby moving all the time. This is by far the most special and incredible feeling I've ever known to date! Its so magical I can't even begin to explain. Being a first time mother and all, I'm definitely enjoying the little things that I'm feeling different every day as I get farther along in pregnancy.
Mike and I went to my mid-pregnancy ultrasound last week to find out if the baby is healthy, the gender etc. Don't get excited because thats exactly what we did and it was kind of a bummer. Yes it was absolutely amazing seeing the movement that was happening as I was experiencing it, but of course I was bummed that our little one was squatting right over their boyish/girly parts.
Stubborn at such a young age, yipee! :)
I have to remind myself that it wasn't a complete letdown since we did get to see the little face and hands and toes.. It made us both cry :) And everyone we've shown it to as well!
I am trying to get the energy to get cute enough to take belly bump pics but its tough! But I promise I will! And I'll get the ultrasound pictures on here somehow!

On the subject of exciting news.. Mike and I had our first interview with our new bishop!! (who is awesome by the way) We love love love our new ward and all of the amazing people we've met so far. We were welcomed like new family members from day one and seriously.. who doesn't need that kind of acceptance in a new ward??
We talked to our bishop about our goal of getting sealed before the baby is born, around our 1 year anniversary and he made it sound like if we stayed on track, that would be possible!! For so long, getting sealed was a goal in my far far away future. You know what I'm talking about.. the kind of goals you make but never really think you'll ever see happen. Kinda like winning a million dollars.. But guess what?? This is so much BETTER than winning $1,000,000 and its so much more real than that now and I am SO excited for that day to come!
Mike and I also took the Sacrament on Sunday for the first time since we've known each other. We asked our bishop when we could start and he said NOW! Take it Sunday!! All I have to say is, Bread and water has never tasted so good.. Mike agrees :)

Yay more exciting news!!
Mike and I both have been qualified for pell grants AND student loans to go to school this August!!
I, of course, am going to do online classes. I don't really wanna run around campus 7, 8, 9 months prego. And Mike is still deciding if he's going to take real classes or do online with me. I'm going to take tons of different kinds of classes and see what I am good at. It has been 3 years since high school and I need the refreshers! Anywho, we are thrilled to be able to say that we are OFFICIALLY going :)

I've never been so happy. I know what you're thinking.. "Alecia, everyone writes on their newlywed blogs and says how perfect their lives are and how much happier they are than anyone else.." Was I close??
Well I'm not going to pretend our life together is perfect. We have a lot of work to do, but we're excited for the rocky roads, the humbling moments, and the blessings that come from working our a$$es off for something we love. And that's how Alecia "C's" it. ;)