Its a...

Its a Boy!!!
We've decided his name to be..
Milo Morgan Sage <3
Ultrasound pictures coming soon!


What wonderful sunshine! :]

So lots has happened recently that has changed my life significantly..
First, a few weeks ago (I think.. I have a horrible memory & sense of time), we were tested to our very limits. Only the strong survived! My cousin's mother-in-law was moving to Missouri to live with them, but we weren't expecting to help. Not only were we not expecting to help but we had no idea how MUCH help was needed! So my mom, Jon, and I all loaded up and head over on Saturday to help where we could.
We walk in to the house and not a single thing was packed and ready to move.. They were supposed to be leaving that night with a huge moving van full of stuff.. It was such an overwhelming feeling I can't even explain. BUT there was definitely a higher power going on because nobody's hearts were even permitted to feel emotionally overwhelmed the entire time! Ok except mine.. but I'm pregnant and there's only so much I can control!
After working myself way too hard and lifting way too much.. Saturday was over. Unfortunately though, we were barely half way through PACKING the house.. not moving it. So the next day is Sunday, Mike's only day off for the last 2 weeks.. Guess what he does? He sacrificed his entire day to lifting and straining his bad knee and back and rolling his ankle.. I have THE most amazing husband ever..
I personally was so bitter at first and didn't want to help at all but once I got over myself.. it ended up being a very nice experience that was very rewarding for both Mike and I.
Second, through all the craziness of the moving weekend, my Mom, Jon, Mike and I all made time to go to the last night of the Manti Pageant. This was especially special for Mike and I because last year Mike and I were dating when we went and that is where he prayed about whether I was the girl he should marry and he was immediately overcome by overwhelming positive feelings and he knew I was the one.. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and I knew.. because he was the one and I felt the same way. :) Cute little moments!
Third, of course the 4th of July weekend just passed! That was an adventure in and of itself! On Saturday the 3rd, Mike got off work at NOON which was so amazing! He hadn't taken a day off since before the moving weekend, so he seriously needed it! We both got all dressed up and were going to see Toy Story 3. We get to the theater and we have to buy tickets to a show that started 2 hours later because it was all sold out.
So, being the young immature couple that we are, we goofed around all day together. It was so.. perfect. It felt like I was seeing him for the first time and I was so in love all over again! We needed a really cute day like that. :) We went to Nordstrom Cafe and got Pomegranate Sparkling Lemonade and went to Best Buy and found a parking spot for PREGNANT WOMEN! Yeah I'm not lying! Here's proof!

We went to Toy Story 3 finally and sat by a super nice lady that had an ADORABLE little baby girl on her lap. She started making conversation and when I implied that I was expecting (of course nobody would ever say anything about someone being prego without knowing first..) she was so excited and was telling us how much fun it is to be parents and to enjoy quiet movies now while we still can.. :) And we definitely did!
After the movie, we went to see the PG fireworks for the 4th of July. We went to the Jr High, where they were launching from, so we could get underneath them and lay down and look straight up at them! It was really romantic snuggling up to my honey after such an AMAZING date earlier that day UNTIL a firework platform tipped over and things started getting scary..
At first, the fireworks were launching straight to the side, which wasn't harming anyone, it was just facing the other fireworks. Well, apparently that was worse because it knocked a lot of firework platforms in multiple directions. Then all of a sudden 3 or 4 fireworks, one right after another, started spraying across the audience that was close to where we were. Mike tackled me with the stadium blanket over me telling me to stay down. My mom and Jon were frantically getting people to lay down so nobody would get hurt.
Then, the biggest firework, you know the ones that explode in the air and don't sparkle on the way there, it launched right at some girls to our left, maybe 50 feet away. It scared us so bad and we thought they were going to keep shooting bigger, more dangerous fireworks into the crowd, that we RAN out of there!
Come to find out, the two girls are okay, one had a huge bruise from where the firework actually hit her leg. And the other girl was having a hard time hearing from it exploding inches from her face. SCARY! I know right.. I'm a little sensitive about fireworks now.. :S
Fourth, Sunday was actually the 4th and instead of being good and going to church, Mike and I were so exhausted that we had our own little ritual. We got the blankets and pillows, went to Battlecreek Park down the road from us, and laid under the cloudy sky and took a nap, talked and smooched. :] Best Sunday School Lesson ever if you ask me! ;)
Sunday evening, we went up to Jon's parents for a 4th of July BBQ where I had the best hamburger I've ever had in my life.. Holy Cow! It was a blast, as usual. When Mike and I got home, everyone else had gone to bed and we started watching True Blood Season 2.. yeah we're junkies. We were only gonna watch maybe 1 or 2 episodes and then go to bed but no.. we watched the entire season.. :] We stayed up until 4 in the morning.. The. Best. Night. Of. My. Life... Ok one of them :]
Mike and I have been on this romantic high this weekend.. If you're married and reading this, you understand that its normal to not have this happen a lot and when it does happen, it really is a romantic high! We would sit and look into each others eyes and not help but kiss and kiss and kiss just like we were discovering our feelings for each other for the first time! It was so perfect.
Fifth, Monday comes around. Mike doesn't work YAY!! We spend most of the day recovering from our lack of sleep hangover and relaxing. Monday night my mom makes dutch oven dinner, Barbeque Chicken & Rice. YUMMM!! Dutch oven rules. We had Ann's family over too and it was just awesome :) I love girl chit chat with my mom and aunt. Its like I have two amazing moms! :)
Sixth, Well now its today and some exciting things that are going on is we are getting all ready to go on VACATION!!! We are borrowing Jon's parents RV and going camping up Granite Flats tomorrow through Saturday! I am so beyond excited to get away and relax and continue this romantic high with Mike. ALSO, tomorrow we are finding out the gender of our little sweet pea! :]

VERY exciting time in our life right now :) I am loving every moment.