We're having a baby!!!

I had taken many tests month after month so I wasn't expecting anything new like, say, a positive! I peed on my little stick and when two lines came up instead of the routine single line.. I walked out of the bathroom looked at my sweet husband and he rushed to me, held me in his arms and with tears in his eyes he said "You're pregnant oh my gosh!" We both were beside ourselves. SUCH a precious moment in our life together.
Although, it was still really hard to believe that was the definite answer. So we went to the hospital and got a blood pregnancy test, which was also a neat experience. My mom and Mike were there to hold my hand when I had to get a shot, instead of just my mom like the rest of my life. The register lady gave us a little blue flower to go on my hospital bracelet as our first souvenir of our first baby's life. It was very surreal! And we didn't even know the results yet!
Later that night, Mike and I were alone at his office and I called the number I was supposed to call to get my results. The lady all of a sudden blabbed "It's positive." Completely monotone. No sign of human emotion.. lol It took me a few seconds to realize what she was saying because HELLO! Its exciting news, not robotic, non-emotional news!! Anyway, it settled in as Mike and I both listened and we did the same thing. We looked at each other, me with butterflies of all kinds of emotions, and him I'm sure with fright panic and nervousness.. haha
We called my mom and told her since she was already at the hospital with us! She screamed out loud and was SOOOO excited for us!! I'm the only child she has so the fact that we're giving her a grandbaby means so much to her! And since we were at the office we told Lance, Mike's uncle, and his dad! They were both excited for us and probably surprised I'm sure!
I've been kind of nervous to tell anyone because it is really early along in the pregnancy and I'm scared of all of the things new moms are scared of. Miscarriage. I can't imagine having this feeling taken from me and if it is, I'll have to tell everyone that right after telling them the happy news! That would be so hard.. But I'm trying to keep things positive! Heavenly Father is in charge of this one. He knew we were meant to have this experience, whatever it turns in to. If its supposed to be a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby then it will be! I have to remember to not stress myself out. (Work in progress for sure.. lol)
Well I'm 6 1/2 weeks along and next week I'll be able to hear our little Sweet Pea's heartbeat on an ultrasound! How very exciting!! :)


Keeping Up With the Sages!

It's that time again! We need a blog update! So here's a little bit of what Mike and Alecia are up to!
We are living in Alecia's Mom's basement, every newlywed couple has to move in with their parents at least once right? ;) We really do love it. We like having good neighbors that we hang out with and can talk to if one of us is gone. Its really nice! All of us are looking for a place to move to together that accommodates everyone. We're really excited to get out of Eagle Mountain once and forever!! We won't miss the awful commute to civilization..
Besides that, Mike and I are both working right now and waiting for school to start in May! I'm still at Wallaby's, and Mike's still at A New Ride with his Dad and Uncle. He made a sale this month! Woo! I think business will pick up once the sun comes out. We hope so!
I especially am excited to go back to school. I know Mike is too, but I ESPECIALLY am. :)
I can't wait to learn about what I want to base my career off of and use it firsthand by starting a wedding business with my mom! I can't wait to know all the ins and outs of business so I can feel even more confident about starting my own! I have such a deep-rooted passion that, I feel, nobody has seen or experienced yet, which is why now more than ever its so important to act on it!
Soooooo many people have asked us when we are gonna start having kids. lol. I guess it is the next natural question, since it is the next natural step in our lives together. The answer is: Whenever the Lord sees fit! Obviously its under his control and when He knows we're ready for a little one, He'll find a way! When that happens we'll let you know! :) Of course I'm beyond ready and excited. ;)
I do have to say something about a blog I came upon that moved me as a future-mommy. Its about the Staker Family in Salt Lake City and their little boy, Bronson, that had a near-death (technically he was dead on arrival) experience. It broke my heart and I couldn't help but sob as I read and saw pictures of such a beautiful family in that time of extreme hardship. But Holy Cow! Sara is the mother and WOW is she a rockstar.. She is so spiritually minded and humble and wonderful to listen to. I'm so happy to read that little Bronson is now home and healthy and my prayers are with that family. Way to hang in there B!