It's my Birthday!!

I'm 21 today woo! I've had a wonderful birthday with my hubby and family and friends. :)
Mike woke me up at midnight with a sweet love letter and cute kiss.. ;)
We spent all day together home alone cuddled up on the couch watching movies and eating yummy birthday cake! It really was a wonderful day. :)
Last night my Mom and Jon threw me a little birthday party with the kids and my Dad and Grandpa Christensen and Susan! It was such a blast!
So as many of you know, I'm trying to get a wedding business going with my mom! I'm sooo motivated right now because my Mom and I had such a blast planning out my wedding! My mom has so many talents, she just is so humble that she doesn't have the heart to charge people for her work! She's a sweetheart and I can't really blame her I just wish she could have some of the money so many people have offered her! haha Here's your sign momma.. ;) haha just playing!
I know sometimes it just takes some prayer and some time to get that boost! I'm gonna be patient. :) I love you mom!
Well, my birthday is officially over as of an hour and a half ago so I'm gonna hit the hay. Night blogspot!
Alecia Marie <3


Our first married couple post! OMG!

So Hello! Long time no talk! The last post said 10 days until we are married.. well.. surprise!! We are about to have our 3 month anniversary!! :) Here's a little bit of what the new sages have been up to!!
Mike is currently working two jobs (bless his sweet heart), one at Convergys and one at A New Ride. For those of you who don't know, Mike's dad and uncle took over Mike's Grandpa's car/tractor business and Mike's been working as a little car salesman before he could drive legally! So we both go down there and help out whenever we can.
Alecia FINALLY got a job!! I've been out of work since September which has both a blessing and a burden.. I didn't have to worry about a job while planning the wedding, which was a blessing, but didn't get the advantage of the pay obviously. But all of that is over because I just got a job at Wallaby's as a cashier/server and I can't wait to get going!
As for both of us, we are just working on saving up some money and getting into school asap! I'm gonna be going for dance, business, and graphic design. Mike wants to take a bunch of classes to help him decide, but he's always loved History and wanted to be a teacher! (So cute)
Right now we are living in a little one bedroom apartment in central Orem, right by Baskin Robbins. :] We love the apartment but maybe not our downstairs neighbor as much.. He's kind of a douche but we're trying to enjoy the journey!
We just had our first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, and first New Years! We are already getting the hang of bouncing between families for holidays and we wouldn't have it any other way! What better way to spend a holiday then with your cute hubby road tripping all over Utah visiting dozens of family members?? I declare there is nothing better. :)
Well thats about it for now. We just got our laptop up and running so we'll (I'll) be able to keep this updated!