Happy Love Day!

Valentine's Day was always a bittersweet holiday for me before I met Mike, every year seemed to be disaster-filled no matter my "relationship status." I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day until last year..
It was our first valentine's together. We didn't do anything outrageously fancy or spend tons of money but I fell in love with Valentine's Day after that. We went to see the movie "Valentine's Day" ON V-Day last year which has become our new tradition to watch it on Valentine's every year from now on. Cute :)
This year was particularly sweet for me. I have to give you the backstory for you to understand why this valentine's day was especially sweet.
A month-ish ago, Mike and I got into a ridiculous fight. I know its weird that married people fight. ;) Looking back, its always easier to point out your own mistakes instead of the other person's, obviously. I was having a pre-pms day where everything was an attack at me, sound familiar ladies? haha
I exploded at Mike and cried out "I just want flowers!"
Wow, even typing this makes me sound ridiculous. I should have skipped the backstory.. oops haha
Anyway, I think its safe to say that even though flowers die, the thought of flowers is really sweet and we love to get them!
No matter how I was feeling about flowers, we had our little argument and ruined our night. We came home, and I was feeling really sick. I asked Mike if he could go grab me some medicine at walmart and he came home and surprised me with these...
And a card that said how sorry he was for fighting and that he couldn't wait to spend eternity with me and milo. I felt like such a jerk for making a big deal about it but the second he came in with flowers, I couldn't help but cry! He knew how much it meant to me and he went out of his way to make me feel loved and appreciated.
That brings us to Valentine's Day this year.
The first thing I saw valentine's morning was this text from Mike:
"Happy valentines day baby cakes! I love you to the moon and back! To infinity and beyond! Forever and eternity!" :)
We are so cheesy but I love me some cheese in my life. :)
After Mike got off work, he came home and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the sweetest letter ever.ever.ever.

We went to walmart, got lots of junk food, and came home and played scrabble with candlelight. :)
Any moment I get alone with my sweetheart is always a romantic one. :)
A belated valentine's surprise was just a little something like this...
We are engaged to be sealed!! Clever, eh? :)
I was in the bath when Mike texted me to come downstairs. I come around the corner to the living room and Mike immediately fell to one knee and held out a little white box wrapped in a pink ribbon. Since I was in a towel and we were in the living room, it seemed appropriate to move this conversation downstairs where he continued to tell me that he wants to be with me and milo for eternity and asked me to be sealed as a family. :)
For a married woman, I feel like we are engaged and giddy all over again! I'm planning a luncheon for after the sealing and I'm planning to send out cute invites and everything. I am a nerd for planning parties, even if I'm not a huge social bug anymore. I especially love planning weddings, so a sealing is just as awesome to get excited for! :)
I feel so blessed right now. We are being poured on with blessings, it is unreal. 
I'm engaged to my sweetheart all over again! I'm a happy lady! :]
XOXO, Alecia