This is what change looks like??

I am beyond scared for the future of humanity right now.. I hope I'm not alone and I hope someone else out there is thinking the same thing. We are SO living in the final dispensation you guys.. Lets review..
Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Chili
Earthquake in Japan
Earthquake in Turkey
For the First time in history, a bill was passed without the voters being able to read the 2700 page bill! House representatives said "Yes Obama, we trust you with whatever so here's our votes!" The only thing we knew about this bill was that it would be giving health insurance to millions of Americans. But who are we talking about covering here? People who don't work. NOT people that CAN'T work, but people who are capable and who just don't. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of Americans that deserve health insurance and work hard for it and just can't get it any other way, but how do you separate those people from the people who will be completely dependent on government programs and rob the working America? Guess what? You don't! There is no difference anymore! Meaning if you have a job and try to feed your family the old-fashioned way, you will also be feeding family A and family B and family C who don't work the old-fashioned way and just sit back and take advantage of the "Obama plan". Now that THAT is out of the way, if you're still comfortable with this bill passing read on.
Its called a single-payer-system. For someone who doesn't fully comprehend this concept, it means, in a nut shell, that the government will have CONTROL over ALL health care when before they had ZERO control over health care. There are a couple of things that this bill has in store for our country..
1. The government will have COMPLETE CONTROL over 1/6th of the country's entire economy. (But they've been doing a great job keeping us out of debt before right?? Maybe they just need all this power to prove themselves.. gag)
2. When you buy your federally mandated, IRS enforced - either by penalty of a fine or imprisonment - health care insurance you may be buying from an insurance company that will donate a portion of what you spend for your insurance to a special fund to help pay for abortions. It is now mandatory that certain insurance carriers provide a portion of what you pay them for health care coverage to a special abortion fund – Stupak’s hastily scribbled hall pass aside, this is now law.
3. There is no special fund for Breast Cancer
4. There is no special fund for Heart Disease
5. There is no special fund for Diabetes or MS
6. There is ONLY a special fund to pay for abortions
7. Tanning? Apparently Democrats want us all to be pasty for some reason…if you frequently use tanning salons, you will pay a 10% excise tax.
8. Pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to pass a $3 billion annual fee on to you, the consumer, in the form of more expensive drugs and medication.
9. About those fines – Citizens who don’t purchase insurance would be subject to a fine of $325 in 2015 and $695 in 2016. Individuals may be subject to a charge equal to as much as 2.5 percent of their income in 2016.
10. The Medicare program will see $500 billion in cuts to its program along with the Medicare tax being raised.
11. Doctors and hospitals will receive less compensation than they do now to control revenue streams.
12. Here’s a really sneaky tax “increase” – if you itemize your tax returns, the deductible for medical expenses will change. You will only be allowed to deduct medical expenses in excess of 10% of your adjusted gross income. Currently that number is 7.5%.

There are so many more random taxes that will go into place that I just don't have the patience to type right now. If you think this bill is the right thing to do after reading all the facts presented, that's really frightening.
All I can say is to my fellow Latter-Day Saints, What has the prophet and his apostles been telling us for YEARS now?? Food storage! Pay your tithing! I, especially right now, am starting to get scared into doing those things. Who knows what a loaf of bread will cost in the next year.. My prayer is that we stay close to what matters.


Counting my Blessings!!

Well probably the most obvious blessing that Mike and I have received lately is the fact that our baby is healthy and growing! :) But besides that here's a little list of things I need to remember more so I can stop feeling sorry for myself. :)
1. My amazing husband that will go to any store and get anything my little pregnant self desires. ( This is a blessing but also a curse. Sometimes I shouldn't eat oreo shakes after every meal.. But I love you sweetheart! )
2. TRUE friends that are supportive, and honest. MOST importantly honest. I'm especially thankful today for Kelsi for the sweetest texts I've probably ever seen, and for Beth who wants our babies to be besties and for including me and my little one in her and her little one's life. I love you both and you have both seriously boosted my spirits today. :)
3. SUNSHINE! Holy crap am I solar-powered sometimes. I get depressed and tired and lame when it doesn't shine. And this morning, my Mom and I went on a WONDERFUL walk in the sunshine and I folded up like wall-e and re-energized and was like the energizer bunny ready for the day!! :)
4. My mom. She is so excited for Mike and I to have a baby and seeing her optimism every day is a huge blessing! It reminds me that I do have a support system and she's the team captain!
5. Sprite & Club Crackers. I'm pregnant, do I really need to explain this one?
6. My phone! I can finally text and call my husband and make sure he's alive instead of waiting to get home and email him. I know thats so spoiled but hey, I'm counting my blessings here!
7. Hot water! For many reasons. Taking warm, not too hot, bubble baths. Taking looooooooong warm showers. DISHES! Don't ever take warm water for granted, especially if you have to do dishes.. ugh. Thank you hot water.
8. Sundays. The one day Mike and I don't have to work when we can relax, and enjoy each other's company all day. And most of the time my mom invites us to dinner and its 100% guaranteed to be delicious. :) Thanks mom!
9. Jim and Pam!!! I freaking love the office. I love watching it. I love talking about it. I love thinking about it. I love it. When Mike and I were first dating, we watched the first few seasons. Then when we were married, we watched all the rest of the seasons up until we found out that Pam was "probably pregnant" and now we're waiting for the last season to finish up and get on DVD already! Yeah yeah some douches ruined it for me and told me they get married or whatever. I don't wanna hear it! Jim and Pam remind me of mine and Mike's relationship from start to finish and it makes me smile. :) The end.
10. My laptop. Sorry I neglected being thankful for you before! I'm using you right now to make this little blog post! But I'm grateful for you and your extended battery life! You rock!



So last night I had severe abdominal pains so bad that I was tossing and turning, not sleeping, and miserable. This morning the idea of straining and lifting at work made me really nervous so I went to the Instacare in Saratoga Springs, only to be told by the doctor that this was something that needed to be treated in the emergency room. Great. What have I done to myself and my sweet pea?? :(
We go to the American Fork Hospital where my sweet husband is anxiously waiting to go in with me. I had a horrible IV put in that hurt so bad and I couldn't move my whole arm.. :( A really nice lady came in with a wheelchair and wheeled me down to radiology to get an ultrasound to make sure the baby was alive and growing properly. I never thought seeing a black blob with a lighter blob inside that blob would be so exciting! My heart started beating faster! But of course my bladder wasn't full enough to see what they needed to see so I had to go the lovely vaginal route.. Yeah that was so awkward and cold and gooey and gross. But it was amazing how much clearer the picture was!
Then there it was.. the flicker of a baby heartbeat! A mini strobe light in the midst of the blobs! Who knew something so small and faint could make everyone in the room cry! It was the most beautiful moment thus far in my pregnancy! I found out I am 6 weeks and 1 day along, a week less than I thought. Not that I really care that I have one more week of pregnancy, its been wonderful so far!
So I was walking on air just long enough to have someone rain on my parade. All of a sudden the nice lady doing my ultrasound had a very worried face as she looked at the gray radar thingy, somehow seeing something wrong with it. Right about now I wish I knew what the heck she was looking at. She calls in the Radiologist and asks him a bunch of questions with big words that I've never heard before in my life. After they seemed to agree on something I kindly asked them to explain what was going on. This is what I understood..
My egg/yoke sack has been planted way too far to the left of my uterus. On top of that my endometrium, which is what you shed when you have your period but don't when you're pregnant, is heart shaped instead of triangle shaped which means there are two peaks, like a heart obviously. That pushes the egg to either one side or the other I guess. If the baby stays too far to the left and is too deep into the endometrium wall, it won't grow to term and will have to be surgically removed. There are things called "tubal pregnancies" where the egg is planted in your fallopian tubes and it has to be surgically removed. Its not in the tubes but it COULD be implanted into the uterus wall. BUT, if it shifts and starts growing in the middle, where it should be, than there's nothing to worry about and the baby will grow healthy and I won't have a complicated pregnancy. So the idea is to have an OB-GYN take another ultrasound in about a week and see if the baby's moved or not. Yay for the waiting game..


Mike Here..

Well... This is Mike and its my turn to tell you whats been going on haha so far you have heard the story from my beautiful wifes point of view... so here's mine! Well we are currently living at her parents house out in eagle mnt. which isnt bad, just the drive is bad. We are broke, but still in love haha. I'm selling cars for my dad again, which is nice because i've missed it so much haha and my wife is working at both Wallaby's and yeah. I've been working non-stop, 6 days a week trying to make some sales... but its tough! It sucks being away from my wife so much! This weekend though, we are watching my moms dogs and house!! WAHOO! It'll be super nice to see my little puppies! I know we are both stoked! My mom has... 4 dogs haha Aramani, Fabio, Chloe, and Isabella who are all so very sweet! Aramani is a rat terrier and looks like a cow, Fabio is a rat terrier as well, Chloe is a beautiful albino boxer, and Isabella is a super cute boxer/pitbull! Man we are excited to watch them! Anyway... I dont know what else to write about... so i'll leave it at that! I'm sure my wife will keep this updated, but as for me... this was a one time thing pretty much haha