Picture time!

Here are some pics..
not very good ones but they are still cute!
Sleepy little boy
I'm loving the chubbiness that's developing!
Taking a nap with mom :]
His favorite place to pass out.. 
And guess who doesn't mind at all ;)

Milo LOVES Daddy..
Here are some Milo & Daddy pictures.
Melt my freaking heart..
My two beautiful boys :)

I know we haven't taken very many good ones..
Pardon the crappy camera on our wimpy phones!
Next week we are going up the canyon to take some fun fall family pics!

I will definitely put those up once we take them!
The Sages
Mike, Alecia & Milo


Milo's Home!

We've been home for 8 days and I am loving every minute!
Milo does the cutest things to make me smile..
He coos and hums and holds my finger when I feed him
He looks me right in the eyes and smiles really big
He stretches like his daddy
He sleeps the best when he's on my chest
He calms right down when I tell him its ok
He could win any competition that involves peeing the farthest
He loves baths which is amazing because he is so cute in the bath!
He can lift his head up longer and longer every day!
That's just to name a few..
Being a mom is the most joyful and challenging thing I get to do with my life.
I am so worried I could do one small mistake and regret it for eternity..
Does that happen to moms?
Just curious... :S
I'm really bad at taking pictures which is shocking I know!
But here is a cute picture of him right out of the bath in the CUTEST monster towel :]
The picture soooo doesn't do this justice.. Sorry!
Better ones coming asap!
Bottom line is..
I love Milo!
And I love being a Mommy!
And I love that Mike is such a good Daddy! <3
The End.


A Light at the End of the Tunnel..

Milo is coming home TODAY!! :] :]
I am so ready to start my life again and be a REAL mom!
I'm done sharing my mommy responsibilities with nurses...
YAY! :]