He Lives

My original plan was to play catch up with the past two days of being a slacker. I forgot to blog about day 2 & 3 and I was going to just cram, read, and blog so I could be caught up. As I just finished writing day 2 and was moving on to day 3, I realized something really important about myself.
I don't always think of Jesus Christ, my Savior, as a real person. I look through this book that has absolutely beautiful illustrations that I've seen a million times and have come to love and cherish. Sometimes I get caught up in the beauty of the images to remember that He Lives! He isn't a piece of artwork that hangs on my wall. He is my Brother, my Protector. I can't rush building a relationship with Him for the sake of blogging, because that is not why I started this process. I started it as a personal journey that would help me strengthen my testimony of Christ. When I saw all of the people that had such a positive reaction, I got caught up in staying updated with my posts instead of staying in tune with the challenges and stories I read each day. For those of you that are embarking on the journey, or even just reading mine, I hope you understand why I can't fit 3 days of becoming closer to Christ into one day. This will help me actually read every day instead of cheating. :)
Tomorrow I will be back on track with Day 3!

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