All About Milo!

It's hard to narrow down the things I love about my not-so-little boy, but here are the things I love about my one-year-old Milo monster!
He is completely entertained with books and loves to be read to.
His face lights up and he starts to smile and kick his legs when he sees my face first thing in the morning.
He has a hilarious fake cough that he does just to be funny.
He knows when he's funny and he plays it up.
He loves rooms that echo so he can scream and laugh.
He loves it when the garage door opens.
He could eat french fries all day long.
He ate his first birthday cake in tiny little bites, when he usually devours any and all other food he eats.
His little teeth make noise on crackers and he loves chewing on them for that reason.
He loves dragging his hands along different textures.
He is so observant.
He sees small things around him and you can tell he just enjoys it and tries to understand what things are.
He is way too smart for a one year old!
When he figures out how to do something new, he does it over and over and over again.
He crawls goofy with one leg being dragged behind the other.
He is learning how to clap, and loves it when people say "Yay!" to him. He lights up like a christmas tree!
He gets really sad when Daddy leaves the room or gets out of the car.
He knows how to be gentle with other babies.
He loves doggies and would play with them all day long and never get sick of it.
He gives big open mouth kisses no matter what sticky gunk is on his face, and I enjoy every minute of it.
His kisses turn my insides to goo.
He sleeps like a freaking champ. No lullabies, night lights, or special accommodations required.
He doesn't usually get freaked out by being held by new people.
He just learned how to wave bye-bye, and gets bashful after he waves goodbye.
He cuddles into me like he did when he was little, but only when he gets really tired.
He is a little flirt with girl babies around his age. He smiles and pets their face if he's close enough!
He has the cheesiest little grin, accompanied by the most animated eyebrows of any baby I've ever seen.
He goes crazy for chocolate pudding.
He knows exactly who his daddy is, and says "Da!" whenever he sees him come into the room.
His face is super puffy and cute when he first wakes up.
He wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes and just wants to cuddle with mom and dad, while watching tom and jerry.
He reaches for whoever he wants to pick him up.
He has so much dedication when he puts his mind to it. He never gives up.
He brings our families together.
He is learning how to throw toddler tantrums, which is cute right now, but definitely won't be later!

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  1. Milo is so awesome!!! Wish I could hang out with you guys more often! Let's hang out soon-love you :)