Friendship Resume

Hello my name is Alecia.
I believe in true friendship based on honestly and acceptance. Here is what I have to offer as a friend.
I will never judge you based on your appearance.
I will always love you for who you are, no matter what crazy circumstances come up in life.
I am always on the other side of the phone when you have an emotional meltdown or just have something totally awesome to tell me.
If you have something personal you want to confide in me, I will be there for you not only for support, but as a safe place that won't deceive you by exposing your personal information for the sake of gossip.
No friendship is worth sacrificing for the sake of dishing the juiciest gossip.
Secrets are actually valuable and important to me, and I will always keep them.
I am loyal to my friends because true friendship is important to me.
I want a friend that accepts me when I am happy or depressed, fat or skinny, stylish or comfy, poor or wealthy.
I need friends that don't gossip about me when I don't look or dress perfect.
I will love and be loyal to any friend that can promise me the same.
Having said that, I am looking forward to starting my new endeavor of finding true friends that I can grow and explore with for the rest of my life.
Life is too short to waste on tearing others down or having fake friends.
"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."
- Mother Teresa

XOXO, Alecia


  1. You and Katie really hit this one on the head! Good for you two! Sounds like you both are moving forward in your lives and are alot happier in doing so.

  2. This is the most beautiful example of what a friend written in words that I have seen to date! I love you Alecia loo, I am accepting your resume and hope you know that I intend to meet you on each point! ;) :)