Life Remodel!

Well since the last post was about Milo's 1st Birthday, I have a lot to update!
Milo is now 19 months old! He is walking, running, jumping and being awesome. :)

We moved in November to American Fork to a cozy little townhouse. I say cozy because its kinda small, but we love having a place to call home.
<-- Here is a picture of our cute little set up.
We had our first Christmas as a family in our own place here and we loved it! I got the cutest little Christmas tree and we started a pretty awesome tradition that is new to both Mike and I, and that is to have real cedar garland! We are blessed with a cute staircase and so it worked out! Here's a picture of our 1st Christmas!

Milo was spoiled rotten of course! With all the families we have, its bound to happen! We are blessed with many many people in his life that love him. :)
In January, we found ourselves making new years resolutions to become better spouses, parents, and saints, just like anyone hopes to do. What we didn't realize when we were making new years resolutions is that we had a major factor to consider in part of our goal-setting, especially me!
We found out we are expecting another little one! Baby #2 is on the way and should make his/her appearance September 9th!

Ever since then, of course, we have been re-mapping our lives to accommodate for another baby Sage! I am going to the group of doctors that helped me every step of the way through bed rest with Milo at the UVRMC hospital, and I have not regretted that decision once! I love every doctor I see, and that is a huge step from the doctor I saw when I was pregnant with Milo. Ugh..
At the beginning of this month, we had an ultrasound to check the length of my cervix, because as I said before, my doctors are all awesome and are taking lots of steps to prevent pre-term labor. At that ultrasound, the lovely technician made a little sneak peek to see if this little one was willing to reveal the gender, and ta-da!
We are having a little BOY!!
Milo is getting a little brother and best bud. :) We are so excited!
We have decided to name him Maxwell Orson Sage. Orson is my Grandpa Christensen's middle name. We named Milo's middle name (Morgan) after Mike's Grandpa's middle name. We love keeping family names in the family.
Definitely a lot has happened since the last post! Our lives keep changing and evolving, and we are just soaking it all up.
As of today, I am 21 weeks pregnant and I feel little Max move all. the. time. He is a wiggle worm for sure! Yesterday was the first time that Mike got to feel Max kick and he lit up like the cutest daddy ever. He really is the cutest daddy ever though! I'm a lucky girl to have such an amazing partner in all of these crazy parenting adventures.
These are the most current pictures of our little fam. :) Thanks Mom for taking them!

To top off the updating, we have some exciting things happening in our life right now!
Yesterday, we met with the bishop for the first time and we have started the process of getting to the temple to be sealed as a family! We don't have a date set yet, but we are feeling the blessing that this simple step brings already!
Today I called some local colleges and made appointments for Mike and I to get back in school! Our goal is to be in school by the end of May!
Awesome things are going on. :)


  1. I loved all of this! :)
    I love you and your little family so much!

  2. Congratulations, I'm so excited for you and Mike!